Like with the rest of the Volca family, to add a midi out connection to the Sample is an easy mod. The PCB has the solder points identified (thx Korg) and they are easy to access, as soon as you open its case you can clearly read MIDI OUT printed in small letters.DSC00311

To make the connection could`t be easier and all you need to do is hardwire the TX and VD points on the PCB to a midi female plug.DSC00309

It`s not necessary to connect the ground on this one and it will work correctly without it but if you want to you obviously can.

MIDI Cconnections

I do believe that the hardest part of this mod is actually to drill the faceplate and to find the perfect space to fit the plug. There`s a metal plate on top of the plastic case and you have to drill both of them…obviously..

I choose to fit it on the left of the standard MIDI In connection.

Since i`m on the move i can`t afford to carry tools with me but i believe that with the right one this is a breeze to do and with the wrong one it`s neither impossible, since i just used a swiss army knife to drill a hole on it i am sure about it! IMG_0060

It`s a bummer that it can only send one note on each channels so you can`t send 10 midi note messages in one channel, you can only send C2 note messages in each channel from 1 to 10.

I use it as a simple sequencer for my Yamaha FB-01 and it works well. For instance if you want to sequence a drum rack in ableton you have to create different instruments on different channels, which is not that handy, but if you want to get creative you can always design a software patch to convert the MIDI messages sent by the Volca, or maybe create a max4live patch for this. In case you do let me know!